A Fiduciary Education

Who is a Fiduciary?

A program for owners and accidental fiduciaries to learn their rights and their responsibilities.

Do Fiduciaries Produce Better Returns?

The legislative and regulatory activity since 2008 has been focused on increasing the fiduciary level of care to the investment market, motivated by the belief that investors are being injured - in spite of the protections that have been in place for decades. The superficial assumption is that investors benefit from a fiduciary level of care.

The Fiduciaries Existential Role

For a fiduciary to be of value to the society, community, industry and beneficiaries of fiduciary responsibility, the fiduciary must exist.

An Executive Summary of ERISA Fiduciary Risk

This paper presents an overview of ERISA fiduciaries and the controlling regulations followed by an analysis of the investment firm’s business risks and how these risks are mitigated.

ERISA Fee Disclosures

Your Guide to ERISA Fee and Expense Disclosures

A business-first approach to meeting 2011 requirements for Government, Plan and Participant reporting.

404(a)(5) A Game Changer?

A look at the implications of the US Department of Labor’s final regulations concerning retirement plan participant disclosures.

408(b)(2) Readiness Assessment

By January 1, 2012 Covered Service Providers are required to make plan fee disclosures. It is critical to take action now to meet this deadline. This worksheet will help assess your firm’s readiness.

Additional Resources

We guarantee fiduciary status

This fiduciary standard distinguishes RF™ designated professionals for their willingness to take responsibility for the advice and investment management he/she provides.