About RFTM

An active RFTM certification indicates that the holder is trained to comply with the regulatory requirements of acting as a fiduciary under current and proposed laws. The RFTM certification is continuously being updated to reflect the most recent regulatory, marketplace and technology changes.

Authority to Issue RFTM Certification

DALBAR, Inc. has created and acts as registrar for the Registered Fiduciary and RFTM certification. As registrar, DALBAR certifies and authorizes the use of these certifications. RFTM is a trademark of DALBAR.

Authority to act as registrar is granted by the Fiduciary Standards Board. The Fiduciary Standards Board is a non-for-profit (501(c)(3)) organization established in September of 2000 to develop and advance standards of care for investment fiduciaries, which includes trustees, investment committee members, brokers, bankers, investment advisers, money managers, etc. The Fiduciary Standards Board is independent of any ties to the investment community and therefore positioned to be a crucible for advancing fiduciary standards throughout the industry to the public.

We guarantee fiduciary status

This fiduciary standard distinguishes RF™ designated professionals for their willingness to take responsibility for the advice and investment management he/she provides.