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RF™ Wealth Management and IRAs Training – This self-study course is education for experienced Investment Professional who desire to be unconditional fiduciaries.

  • Training Includes:
    • Supreme Court Decision: Jones v. Harris Associates L.P.
      • In 2010 the Court ruled that fees paid to an investment advisor will not violate the advisor’s fiduciary duty unless the fees are so disproportionately large that they could not have been the product of arm’s-length bargaining.
      • Comparisons of difference in fees an advisor charges for investment advisory services may be relevant, provided that such comparisons consider the similarities and differences between the services provided to the clients.
  • Clients' best interests are served when…
    • Advisor takes on fiduciary responsibility, and:
      • Delivers the same service
      • At the same reasonable cost


RF™ 401(k) Self Study Training is an online education program designed to upgrade compliance procedures to keep pace with the new realities in which firms are arbitrarily held to a fiduciary standard in arbitration and to take advantage of the public pressure to act in a fiduciary capacity that presents increasing business opportunities.

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